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More Discussions of the YASEN Class Hybrid (TR/TE) Propulsion System

By Bruce Rule - Aug 21, 2017

Project 885 / Project 08850 "Ash" - YASEN / GRANAY / GRANEY
K-560 / K-329 "Severodvinsk" 
Project 885M / Project 08851 "Ash-M" - YASEN-II
K-561 "Kazan" 
K. 573 "Novosibirsk" 
, "Krasnoyarsk" 
, "Arkhangelsk" 
, "Perm"

NPS new type - the integrated monobloc-registration in one reactor unit and polyurethane. Reactor - pressurized water from the primary coolant conduits placed in the reactor vessel. Steam generating unit (PPU) KPM capacity up to 200 MW. Starting with boats pr.885M planned to use the all-new one-piece design of the power plant.
- 1 x block single-shaft turbine plant (STP) "Mirage" production Kaluga Turbine Works is likely to GTZA class UC-9VM or similar with improved cushioning around 43,000 hp
1 x propulsion motor of slow speed (Note by Rule: This is the 6000 hp PG-141M dc motor used for "stealth mode" ASW ops at speeds up to circa 8 knots.)

2 x submersible thrusters 2 speed propulsion motors capacity PG-160 at 410 hp. Located in advancing columns aft submarine.

Mechanics - one shaft, a 7-bladed low-noise screw fixed pitch with scimitar-shaped blades and a water jet propulsor (for PL pr.885M may - analog tested for PL B-871 "Alrosa" pr.877V ). Four reclining thrusters. Bow hydroplanes with flaps, probably sliding similar PLA pr.971 . On PLARK used steering gears development SPMBM "Malachite" and the production of PO "Sevmash". For upgraded PLARK pr.855M "Kazan" manufacturing improved (compared to PLARK "Severodvinsk") steering engine started in 2013 at "Sevmash".

Energy - two turbogenerator AC, two reversible DC-DC converter. (Note by Rule: reactor coolant pumps are dc motor-driven)

Backup power supply - diesel generators ADH-630NK and ADH-1000, as well as two groups of lead-acid batteries. System control electro-energy system "Luga-I" / "Luga-Ash." Central Power System "cosine-I" / "cosine-Ash."
Rescue System - a pop-up rescue chamber (VSC), designed for the entire crew of the submarine - a new model of VSC - is located in the PLA fence sliding devices . Liferafts class KSU-600N-4.

Speed surface speed - 16 knots 
submerged speed Speed - 31 knots 
depth of immersion working - 380-400 m (evaluation) 
limiting the immersion depth - 600 m
Endurance (reserves) - 100 days