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More on Project 636.3 Russian KILOs Now Under Construction

By Bruce Rule - Feb 11, 2014

Further Internet research confirms the experimental Soviet BELUGA Class diesel submarine, built primarily to test an advanced hull design with and without polymer ejection, confirms the use of a 5500 hp (at 500 rpm) main motor, the same rating as the PG-141 and PG-141M used, respectively, by Project 877 and 636 KILO hulls.

In combination with the 3:1 motor to propeller shaft reduction ratio previously identified for the BULUGA, the following specifications have been derived for that hull: 26.6 knots at 170 rpm for a TPK of 6.4.

The term “advanced hull architecture” has been used to describe a feature of 636.3 KILOs. The suggestion is that the 636.3 will incorporate hull form improvements successfully tested with the BELUGA.

An internet search for images of the BELUGA, scrapped in 2002, will identify a remarkably streamlined hull form more advanced than the ALFA Class Soviet SSN.

Bottom line: don't expect the 636.3 to have the same box-like sail of earlier KILOs and perhaps a more hydrodynamically efficient bow area and different stern area control surfaces.