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More on the Possible Russian Resurrection of a Soviet Weapons System - See My Posting of 16 Aug 14

By Bruce Rule - Sep 11, 2014

See the linked site for a possible variation of the weapons system discussed by my posting of 16 Aug 14.

This would appear to be a missile deposited on the ocean floor to be activated remotely - how not discussed - in the event of hostilities.

This avoids the problem of the firing platform surviving the detonation of an enormous torpedo with a 100MT warhead.

In the late 1960s-1970s (?), an ammunition ship with 5000T on ammo aboard was scuttled in deep water east of Cape May, NJ

It imploded and most (all?) of the ammo went off. A US diesel submerged some 60 nm north of the site was heeled over some 60 degrees.

The kill radius of a 100MT warhead underwater might include much the Atlantic west of Bermuda. Not good news for the launch platform even if the torpedo had a run time of 29 mins at 30 knots and the platform immediately headed east at 30 knots.