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Re Russias new stealth submarine A Russian PR Effort Boost Foreign Sales of a Failed Design

By Bruce Rule - Jan 3, 2016

Following from an archived posting on the LADA (See link.)

"Construction of the lead LADA unit, the St Petersburg, started in December 1997; she was launched in October 2004 and, although commissioned in May 2010, the Russian Navy did not, after eight years of trials, accept the unit because the boat's propulsion and sonar systems were inadequate. Navy support of the program was terminated. ((FYI: the LADA used two constant speed (1,000 rpm) D49 diesel engines (V8 design) that operated as diesel-generators: a diesel-electric propulsion system.)) A candidate engine for the LADA/Amur 1650 was the V8 configured ED-2, a D49 (ChN26/26) engine (bore of 260mm and a stroke of 260mm). The ED-2 operates at a constant speed of 1,000 rpm to drive a six-pole generator to produce 50 Hz power which then is converted to dc power for propulsion. For use in a submarine, this engine would have to be modified to start pneumatically rather than electrically. In terms of the engine's "footprint," space occupied for horsepower delivered, the ED-2 is an attractive power plant for submarine use, and we may see it again in the future."


The Russian Navy would not buy this turkey in 2010, so now Russia is trying to sell it to foreign customers when, since the date of the Russian Navy rejection, the LADA design has probably fallen even further behind its competition from Germany and France.

Thank you, Dick, for posting.