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Russian Source Confirms Hybrid Propulsion System; calls it "regime stalk" with the GTZA "disabled

By Bruce Rule - Oct 27, 2015

Lots of "goodies" here if you read carefully.

About Yasen:

A special feature of steam turbine Mirage development Kaluga Turbine Plant, which was initially designed for "ash" was her block layout with a high degree of integration of all elements. In addition, it should provide a rapid progress under turbozubchatymi aggregates with reducing gear and drive the main shaft, and the "regime stalk" driven by a propeller motor, fed in turn from self-contained turbo-generators. GTZA, being one of the main sources of noise on the submarine, thus, remain disabled. This hybridization allowed the power plant to make full use of the fact that the reactor is a new type of work in one mode of heat on all modes of progress. Also, significantly simplify the design of gearbox. Unfortunately, the financial problems of the plant "GTC" virtually stopped all work on it during the 90-ies. In 2006, the PTU "Mirage" with a nominal capacity of about 43.000 hp has already passed the test bench and, judging by everything, it started its mass production will allow the boat starting from the second series to fully exploit the potential inherent in the project 885. In the absence of a new vocational school at the submarine Severodvinsk "was used block PTU OK-9VM" Sapphire-VM with a capacity of 43.000 hp, previously applied to the boat 945 th and 971 th project. Both facilities provide a maximum underwater speed of about 31 knots. (Surfaced speed - 16 knots.) Changes in the hardware configuration energootseka require additional proofs in the design submarine Severodvinsk ", such as the redesign and installation of bulkheads recession in the region through the propeller shaft"
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About Borei:

"Main power plant vessel was to include the new CTS-6 reactor thermal power of 200 MW steam turbine and a new, common to all 4-th generation. In fact, the projects 09550 and 09551, due to the difficulties of technical and, above all, financial considerations, were used in slightly improved power equipment Boat third-generation steam supply system OK-650V heat output of 190 MW steam turbine and block "Azurite 90". The latter includes the main unit with turbozubchaty single-flow steam turbine with an effective vlagoudaleniya of the flow part, shunting device with a control unit, a planetary double reduction, offline turbo-generators, built paroezhektornye chillers, electric propulsion, vibration-damping coupling, the main thrust bearing, the system automatically speed control shaft and pressure steam, auxiliary pumps and other equipment. Power of PTU on the shaft of 43.000 hp total power of the ATU 7.000 hp Due to this, the user maximum underwater speed of approx. 29 knots. surfaced and 15 knots. These foam and vocational schools are proven to NPS third generation, however, to the Northwind to-date nuclear missile carriers for the 4 th generation, especially with respect to vibro-acoustic characteristics and life cycle of the reactor core, requires a power equipment. Starting with 4-th series of the installation of the boat was originally planned reactor and turbines with similar indicators for power"