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Temporal Fidelity of Acoustic Events Detected at Long Range

By Bruce Rule - May 15, 2017

The writer knows of no detection event intentionally designed to measure the temporal fidelity -
- absence of time distortion of the duration - of acoustic events detected at long range.

Analysis of the MIDWAY AFTAAC detections of the K-129 R-21/D4 missile-assciated acoustic signals
on 11 March 1968 provides the following values: 95.2 and 95.4 seconds for firing at full-thrust and 361
seconds for the interval between ignitions.

These values compare with numbers subsequently provided by a Russian source: "about 94 seconds"
for firing at full-thrust and "360 seconds" for the interval between ignitions.

Although not incontrovertible evidence, this comparison strongly suggest there is essentially no time
distortion involved in long range detection events that occur within at least a several day period.

No big surprise but it's useful to have actual values upon which to base that assessment.