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Articles Of Interest

66 years of Undersea Surveillance

By former IUSS Commodore, CAPT Brian Taddiken, provided by Jack Holdzkom, OTCM, USN (Ret)

Captain Joseph P. Kelly's career notes.

By Captain Joseph P. Kelly, provided by Michael Flicker.

An Unofficial History of The Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS) 1972 - 2015

Gerald Kerwin

Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis

Jack Holdzkom, OTCM, USN (Ret)

The Commentaries of Bruce Rule

Bruce Rule August 2013 - July 2017


IUSS Breast Insignia Guidelines

The Navy’s Best-Kept Secret: Is IUSS Becoming A Lost Art?

CDR Dawn M. Maskell 12 APR 2001

Scorpion Down Rebuttal Article

Navy Times Article 12 November 2007

Scorpion Down Rebuttal

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings November 2007

50th Anniversary Dinner Speech

Mr Ernie Castillo 18 September 2004

50th Anniversary Dinner Speech

CAPT Bob McWethy 18 September 2004

50th Anniversary Dinner Speech

CAPT John Parrish 18 September 2004

50th Anniversary Dinner Speech

LT Randy Scott 18 September 2004

Ocean Systems Technician (OT) Rating - establishment of

BUPERSNOTE 1440 Pers-B2231-wt 10 March 1970

Selection To The Ocean Systems Technician Rating

BUPERSNOTE 1440 Pers-B2162-ST-ce 17 August 1970

Save The Enemy Subs

Rich Lowry The Washington Times© November 14, 2002

A Story Of Two Flags
A Lesson Learned

Dan McMillin

Navy Command Stays In The Family

Melissa Wood The Virginian-Pilot© August 10, 2001

NAVFAC Brawdy Today!

Ben Soffa © Ben Soffa 1998-2002

Audio-Visual Briefings

This area is devoted to audio-visual briefings/presentations of relevance to the IUSS experience.
If you have a presentation that you think qualifies please send it to us for review by clicking HERE.
We will review it and if it qualifies we'll place it here.
Please include a briefing title and a couple of sentences to describe it in your email.

Brief Title Submitted By Description Format Data Link
Key West, Our Home For Awhile. Bill Dunn Some photos of Key West, boats, and the sub operating base there. "I can remember when!" Posted 2/07/2009 Windows Media Format CLICK HERE (8 MB)